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April 5, 1951 ~ November 8, 2004

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Lenny Mayes of the Dramatics, Lenny Mayes, my friend, my brother will truly be missed.  I have known Lenny since high school and it seems strange to think that I will not be able to hear him sing or watch him dance in person ever again.

It was my honor and privilege to bring Lenny into the Dramatics.  Throughout his career in the Dramatics, Lenny Mayes sang lead, second tenor and baritone.  His performances on stage and on records are a testament to his incredible talent and professionalism.  His warm smile and electric personality would light up the stage where the Dramatics performed.    He was the epitome of "acting in rhythm", which is the definition of the Dramatics and Lenny was 100% DRAMATIC!  Every group has a "heart", someone who embodies and expresses the true nature of the group.  Lenny was the person in the Dramatics that people would gravitate to, the one they felt they knew personally.  Lenny Mayes was the "heart" of the Dramatics.  He made everyone he met feel special, like they were family and for that reason we called him "Cuz".  Lenny was everybody's "Cousin".  I loved him as a brother and I miss him but I know his legacy will live on through his family, his music and his many friends around the world.

Larry "Squirrel" Demps

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